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Web-Based Unified Messaging

When you log into your account you can change your security code, email address, listen to your voice mails, or view faxes on-line. If you have set up a master security code, you can log in using your email and master security code. To view only one account, log in using your phone number and four digit security code.

Please Note: If a K7 number is inactive for 30 days (use is determined as a call or fax message to that number) , we may terminate the account for non-use. A maximum of 20 messages can be stored on the web site. After which, the newest message erases the oldest. Messages will be saved for only 7 days on the web site.
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Notice: K7 will be discontinuing service as of May 1st, 2016. All files stored on our servers will be lost at that time.
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