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Web-Based Unified Messaging

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Send my messages to my email and store them on K7 web site so I can access them.
Do not send them to my email address. I will retrieve them on the K7 web site.
Send them to my email address only. Do not post them on the K7 web site.

In what file format do you want to listen to your K7 messages?

GSM: a small file with lower sound quality but faster download.
PCM: a larger file with better sound quality but slower download.

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Fax and Voice Mail (personal greeting and default message)
Fax and Voice Mail (personal greeting only if available)
Fax Only (fax tone only, no message)

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Regular Nationwide Plan (can receive calls from anywhere)
WA State Only Plan (can only receive calls form Washington State)

Please click "Submit" only once and wait for account to generate. If a K7 number is inactive for 30 days (use is determined as a voice message or fax message to that number) , we will terminate the account for non-use. Please test your number - if a K7 number does not receive a voice or fax message within 72 hours of activation it will be terminated for non-use. If your account ever does become terminated, you can register online for a new account. An account can also be terminated immediately, if use of the service is in opposition to the Laws governing transmission of documents, or use for illegal purposes of any kind. A maximum of 20 messages can be stored on the web site. After which, the newest message erases the oldest. Messages will be saved for only 7 days on the web site.